Saturday, March 24, 2012


I have been hearing of sooo much illness these days. Also feeling really grateful that my life does not consist of running off to the doctor/ER/lab etc for any number of invasive and/or painful stuffs!!!!

How grateful we can be, those of us who have been turned onto raw food, food of this earth, from which we came, and seen the profound results it has brought to our bodies!!

I am feeling so grateful for raw today. How about you?

Love from my grateful heART to yours, Muah, Bette Bliss

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Have you heard that before? I have heard it a million times. Well, not quite a million but ALOT!

What is the deal? Why do people have such a hard time to keep it real and keep it raw. I suppose one can come up with a lot of reasons why they eat cooked foods.

What is the way to see clear to get and stay raw? Is there a way? Well sometimes it just has to be the progression of things. Some go raw as soon as they hear, others toy with it and add raw more often, some go back and forth between raw and cooked.

I see the key is this: getting clear on what you want for your health and your life. Ask yourself "what is my powerful reason WHY I want to eat raw foods? If you dwell with that for a while, getting clear on what it is you are wanting and WHY, then every food choice, made from that place, will be a raw one.

If this is not the case, the committment is not strong enough. This has nothing to do with will power when you choose from this powerful reason WHY. This is the difference. Many eat or don't eat by exercising will power. No will power is needed when you choose BECAUSE. You choose BECAUSE you chose, from your powerful reason WHY!

When the other choices come forth, choose again and again, one food at a time. Choose powerfully. If you choose to eat cooked, choose it wholeheartedly. Be ok with that, let it go and move on, back to your raw choices.

It really is that simple! What is your powerful reason WHY you want to eat raw food?

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LOVE from my raw loving heART to yours! Muah! Bette Bliss

Sunday, March 11, 2012


Have you heard the superfood buzz? All the powders and potions and stuff you can send away for? Things that take time and big fat bux to order?

Is THIS what I am talking about when I say the word "super foods"? As you may have seen on our app, Superfood Hd, we do cover some of these types of super foods.

Although these are beneficial and a good addition to your diet, I am talking about powerful, nutrient dense, foods that are right in your local garden, field, grocery store or health food store! That's right! Common everyday foods are loaded with phytochemicals that raise the level of your health beyond what you might imagine.

The key is to eat these foods in their whole, raw, natural state. This not only preserves the enzymes, by not cooking them, but it also does not alter their makeup.

Did you know many foods change into something else when cooked? Most of the time, it is renderded useless for the body. Example: potatoes turn into a substance called acrilomide (plastic), when fried.

This is called leucocytosis, when something enters the body that is foreign  and is not recognizable or usable to nourish and replenish the cells.The body then begins to attack it as an enemy.
Many bouts of leucocytosis, over and over again, occur before cancer sets in.

Adding super foods to the eating plan, minimizing cooked foods, will stave off these episodes where disease is being formed. Actually, the more these living foods are consumed, the better one's health is! How many bouts of leucocytosis do you want?

Love from my super food loving heART to yours! Muah! Bette Bliss

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Friday, March 9, 2012


Isn't this life just one CLASS ACT? The ACT of BEING ALIVE!

What is ALIVE? What does being alive mean? Are you truly alive? How do you know? What if you just happen to be a walking dead person? Well, lets not go quite that far. What is you are living at LESS THAN your full potential?

How would you know? Hmmmmm? Well do you feel your absolute best or less than the best? Do you have energy to burn or lack energy? Do you have a worldview, perspective, that can take you through anything or do you cave in at the slightest disappointment?

So you DO jump out of bed in the morning to go running, seizing the day before it gets away? You just cannot wait to go to work and make a difference in the world with what you do? You cannot wait t
o make all of your yummy food for the day and love every bite, it bringing you nothing but bliss and joy?

Oh, and your relationships...ummm, you knew I was going there next didn't you?

Are all of your relationships healthy and happy and bring you and the other person great fullfillment in life? Do you have peace throughout your relationships?

Pipe dream? No. IF you are truly BEING ALIVE you will answer "yes" or "pretty much" to all of the above questions. Sure life brings challenges yet it is how we view them that determines our happiness.

What is stopping you from living your best life? What areas are you out of integrity to who you are? That is the place to start and begin making changes toward that integrity. You DO know where you are out of integrity and what there is to do! As Nike says "just do it"! As Yoda said "There is no try, do or don't do". Just do!

Love from my aLIVE heART to yours! Muah! Bette Bliss

Thursday, March 8, 2012



Yes, you heard correctly....why do people CHOOSE sickness? Truth is,YOU are choosing, health or sickness, by  every food you put into your mouth. Simple as that! Yes it is that simple.

Sickness and disease are caused and created by two things, toxicity and nutritional defiency. So one must clean the body to rid the toxins and feed the body nutrient dense foods.

How can this be done? Simple, as I said above. Make good choices, one by one. Feed your body with the closest material your body is made of. Your body was made from the dirt, dust of the earth and the closer you feed it to the ground, the greater your health!

Your body is living, thus the closer the material is to raw materials, in their unprocessed state, as found in a garden, the greater your health! Living material, plant foods, feed our living bodies.

Anything that is taken from the garden and processed with heat is no longer living, it is devoid of vital nutrients and enzymes needed to feed the body. So instead of feeding the body, it robs the body. Also the body goes into a continual crisis mode to seek to try to process this stuff!

So, by every choice you make with food, you are choosing sickness or health! It is true and it is that truly that simple.

What will you choose?
Note: I want to tell you also, it is not all about the food. The food you eat is second to the food you feed your life. Spirituality, career, exericise, your thoughts and your emotions, all create health or illness. These are the very things I support my clients in to bring about whole body wellness.!

Love from my wellness loving heART to yours! Muah! Bette Bliss

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

HALOE! Its ALOE! Here for the GLOW!!

Aloe Glow Smoothie
2 bananas
6-7 strawberries
2 tablespoon of fresh aloe vera
3 cups or more baby greens
1 cup water
Blend well, drink and glow baby, glow!

This recipe comes to you courtesy of our Superfood hd app (avail at itunes)!!!

Love, from my superfood loving heART to yours! Muah! Bette Bliss

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Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Seems like we have all heard it over and over that "Raw is not hard, it is easy!"
This is what I have found in my life. I eat alot of simple raw foods and that really works well for me. It really is not complicated!

I think, if you say it is hard, then it is. If you say it is easy, then it is.
This kind of follows my post about listening to your body. THAT is what MAKES raw easy.

The body naturally wants simple foods that do not bog us down. Most gourmet raw does exactly that. Even heavy smoothies, laden with bananas and all kinds of other ingredients, are also pretty taxing on the body.

When I got to the point where I wanted juice

from fresh fruits and vegetables (mostly vegs), my life got even simpler. I get up and make my jars of juice and off I go. I also might add in an apple to my "feed bag" and even a few nuts, if I might want something heavier.

Raw really is as easy or as hard as you want to make it....and the beauty is, you get to choose!

Pick and apple, eat it, pick some berries, eat them! Make an amazing raw cake that takes a bit more, and enjoy.

Even the more complex food prep is sheer joy, so actually, that isnt hard at all! It is really fun! Plus, it is food with LOVE, live food made with love.

Raw food, raw lifestyle, is far from hard, it is a joy and a pleasure to eat so close to the earth (I wondered where all that dirt on my lips came from!)

Love from my simple raw loving heART to yours, Love, Bette Bliss

Monday, March 5, 2012


An epiphany came this morning and just wanted to drop it to you or just say it "out loud"....teehee.

(Of course it is not freezing here in Ct, as it is sunny and super warm! Thee winta be yet anotha tale to tell...as I do faaar-eeeze then!)

So, our dear friend, and cohort in raw education, always says he and Minh do not freeze their food. He sees it the same as cooking. (granted they DO live where there is no winter...the desert!)

The epiphany was this; Speaking of winter, in winter, all the plants freeze and die. The life force goes into the roots and sleeps in the ground until morning comes and it is time to wake up. The LIFE is no longer in the greens, the above ground part of the plant.

Right off, one can see that, just as heating breaks the food from its fresh state, equally thought oppositely (haha), freezing breaks the food and renders it dead food...yes? no? seems in only makes sense eh?

Go one further step; so, if winter time calls for rootstock life and a rest from greenery, might we also live in harmony with our climate and rest from green life (that is, if we live in cold climate times) and also go into roots, nuts, seeds and things we have dehydrated at low temp, for winter?

Putting food up in a manner in harmony with our natural world, would call for drying and burying (as in, root cellar).

Right now, stock your body on fresh, green goodnesses while they are there!!! That also is putting food up for another season...ahhhh.

Having said all that, is a frozen banana better than concentrated fruit syrup for a smoothie? Yeah baaabaaay! Is frozen juice or a dessert better than other things one might eat? For a certainty! We all do the best we can to do the best we can. By the results peeps are getting, it sure is working! Rawk on!

Simply some food for thought.

Love, from my green loving heART to yours, Muah! Bette Bliss

Sunday, March 4, 2012


No this is not about the upcoming shopping season! This is about RAW FOOD! Delicious LIVING and RAW foods!

I love to live in a world of peace and happiness and POSITIVITY. I still wear my "complaint free world" bracelet although I did not even want the word complaint in it so it is now my Gratitude Attitude Bracelet!

Anyway I was thinking about the negative aspects of life and how many people operate solely from all that is missing, all that isnt there, all that isnt coming to them, how they have lack and dullness and feel in desperation.

A couple days ago, I woke up feeling not my best. I have been around alot of buggies that people have been taken ill with. Although I was not my best, I pulled toward wellness and that is what I got. However, waking up feeling like that (albeit very minimal) I got to thinking. I thought, to a greater degree, this is how the world of sad eaters must wake up every day. Surely their mood matches their feeling...you know, the vibration.

Living food eaters operate at a high vibration, is it no wonder we are dancing on a higher plane, an air of happiness.

Sad food may be dead food, as many call it, yet it also being devoid and lifeless, is in a negative state. It puts those who consume this stuff in a negative state as well whether they know it or not.

Is it any wonder, when people, even rawfoodbees, consume non living material they too go into a negative state? Here you have people operating at a high vibration, like a fine tuned machine, and then a brick is thrown into the works. What can we expect, but feeling lousy and then negative thoughts and words to follow?

Then what do we do? We go on forums and tell people all the neg stuff stemming from that neg food. We tell how we fell off the wagon, what neg food we ate, how sick it made us feel, etc etc. Negative begets negative, there is no other way. Anything other than LIFE GIVING food is negative, you see?

Why do people lack luster and feel deprived and are in desperation? Because they truly are! Their bodies are starving for positive, life giving food!

If you want positive put positive in your mouth. If you want postive thinking, only eat positive food. If you want positive feeling in your body, only eat postive foods. If you want a positive life, only eat positive food, think positive thoughts and LIVE your most extraordinary positive LIFE! Green or red? Go or stop?

Are you in the green or in the red? It is all up to you, in every choice you make!

Saturday, March 3, 2012


So you have a craving. You are wanting an ice cream sundae. Hmmmm Are you really wanting an ice cream sundae?

Lets pick this apart. What is going on emotionally right now, in this moment, craving this ice cream sundae? What has happened today? Are you stressed? Are you tired? Did your bird die? Did your aunt go to the hospital? Did someone tell you your hair was ugly and your mother dresses you funny?

So this is the place to look first. Well, say there is nothing emo going on.
You still want an ice cream sundae? Is there a connection to nostalgia for you? Check that out too. Is it what you used to have in connection with an event or ritual like going for ice cream after a ball game. If so, simpy replace it with something else that is now the ritual. Go to the health food store and pick out your favorite raw chopped salad or pick up your favorite kombucha!

No? Ok. So you are craving an ice cream sundae. Hmmm Do you need fat? Do you need something sweet? Perhaps some protein? Maybe you are just thirsty or tired and are seeking a picker upper.

Is this craving really a craving? Craving bad food? Craving, as in, your body asking you for something, asking to be fed nutritonally?

Answer it like you might your little child. Give them the sundae? Probably not. You would find a good substitute for the ice cream. An apple, some orange slices, some raw banana ice cream, some nut butter. There are so many yummy choices.

If you wait, are willing to wait, you will find you will not eat the ice cream. If you are willing to look and see what it is your body is actually saying, you will feed it what it wants.You will have success in your raw eating plan.

Is it a craving or emotional eating? Cravings are a real call, from our body for something it needs for life. Emotional eating is a false cry from the wounded child who wants something to numb, comfort or dull the feeling.

Go with your cravings, in a constructive way, seeking what it is the body actually wants. Deal with your emotions in a constructive way.

You are on your waaaaay! Yay!
Love from my emo heART to yours! Muah! Bette Bliss

Friday, March 2, 2012


What does? Well, most anything you eat can be measured with these words "Better Than".
In transition to raw and living foods, one can ask, "is this food "better than" what I used to eat?" "Is this food a choice that is "better than" something of lesser quality?

So say you used to drink soda. What is "better than" soda? Seltzer water. Kombucha.

Homeade lemonade made with fresh squuezed lemons and maple syrup or other sweetener. So many "better than" choices.

What about meat? You want meat? Well, there are all kinds of meat substitutes while transitioning to a meat free diet. Check out the alternatives in your frozen food section or your local health food store.

As far as protein, if you are eating an all inclusive diet of raw foods, you will be meeting your protein needs.

What about dairy? What is "better than" dairy? Make your own almond milk or brazil nut milk. There are alot of substitutes for dairy. Right off, you can even buy the containers of almond milk, although they are cooked.

You want soup? Well go to the health food store and buy organic, fresh made soup. Learn to make raw soups too! Better than Mr. Cantbells for sure!

So, as time goes on, applying this principle will aid you to a better and better eating plan you see? Always think, "what is better than" what I was just going to choose?"

Ask "am I doing better than I was a month ago or a week ago? Or better than I did this morning?" Whatever it is, ask that question and you will find it helps a whole lot to stay on a great path to wellness!

Love from my heART that is "better than" it used to be! Muah! Bette Bliss

Thursday, March 1, 2012


I had set out the startings of a recipe this morning, then off to my afternoon job I went. Knowing I wanted goji berries and chocolate and figure a way to get them both.

I said to myself "self, goji berries are amazing and there has to be a recipe with ALOT of gojis in it!".

So I created one.

Here is what I did.

Ground up (food processor) a cup maybe, of gojis in a little water. I let them mesh together, the gojis absorbing the water a bit. Then I added chia seeds until they soaked the liquid up.

When it was all set up, I ran cacao nibs through my champoin juicer with blank screen in. Out came the nicest cacao creamy butter stuff I had ever seen! I "chased" it with almonds, thus making a nutella type mixture!

I put some of this cacao nutty paste into the goji mix. I added coconut shreds, coconut oil, vanilla, some himalyan salt, hemp seeds, and chopped walnuts. I stirred this all together. Adding the choco paste made the mixture firm all up nice!

I then rolled them into balls and rolled in coconut shreds and hempseeds. I put them on a plate in the fridge and in no time, they were lovely yummies ready to eat (and I did...but just one!)

All I can say is WOWEEEEEEE! I just knew there had to be a way to get massive gojis in a tasteful way! I guess I call them GOJI FUDGE TRUFFLES! because that is how they taste!

Just look at the protein here: gojis, chia seed, hempseed, and nuts! Action packed nutrition right there!

Well a girl's gotta spend a Friday night in a BIG WAY! I sure did!

Hmmm anybody up for a midnight chat after my having chocolate, as I think I will be up for a while!

The best pictures I could get but no shot can capture the taste!

Love from my cacao loving heART to yours! Muah! Bette Bliss