Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Have you heard that before? I have heard it a million times. Well, not quite a million but ALOT!

What is the deal? Why do people have such a hard time to keep it real and keep it raw. I suppose one can come up with a lot of reasons why they eat cooked foods.

What is the way to see clear to get and stay raw? Is there a way? Well sometimes it just has to be the progression of things. Some go raw as soon as they hear, others toy with it and add raw more often, some go back and forth between raw and cooked.

I see the key is this: getting clear on what you want for your health and your life. Ask yourself "what is my powerful reason WHY I want to eat raw foods? If you dwell with that for a while, getting clear on what it is you are wanting and WHY, then every food choice, made from that place, will be a raw one.

If this is not the case, the committment is not strong enough. This has nothing to do with will power when you choose from this powerful reason WHY. This is the difference. Many eat or don't eat by exercising will power. No will power is needed when you choose BECAUSE. You choose BECAUSE you chose, from your powerful reason WHY!

When the other choices come forth, choose again and again, one food at a time. Choose powerfully. If you choose to eat cooked, choose it wholeheartedly. Be ok with that, let it go and move on, back to your raw choices.

It really is that simple! What is your powerful reason WHY you want to eat raw food?

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LOVE from my raw loving heART to yours! Muah! Bette Bliss

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