Tuesday, January 29, 2013


You truly are what you EAT, DRINK, THINK, SAY, and DO!

1) LOVE YOURSELF enough to want better health thus a better life! This is a must for optimum health. Many people have "I'm not good enough" going on. Disappear that and love yourself healthily, knowing you deserve to look and feel your best! Trouble is, most do not even have any idea what their best is, as they have not seen it yet!

2) Eat only whole, plant based foods in their natural state. A raw eating plan floods the body with more nutrition than it can handle and thus creates energy, vitality, glowing skin and amazing health.

3) Drink pure, clean water that flushes and regenerates your cells. Our bodies are made up of a whole lot of water. When you continually replenish water lost and flood the cells with clean water, your body can operate much more efficiently!

4) Exercise every single day! Our bodies are made to move! Every organ and system in our body functions well, due to movement. It is a must for optimum health!

Move it or lose it!
5) Clean up your environment by choosing only products that are eco friendly for cleaning your home or applying to your skin. Think GREEN to lighten the body burden. Any food or product that you breathe in, put on your skin, smell, or taste is part of you. Choose organic whole food, eco friendly products and natural personal care.

6) Use only natural healing methods for any dis-ease you might be wanting to address. For me, this means FOOD! "Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food". Hippocrates

Anything you do for your health that is not natural to the body, is harmful and will usually NOT promote healing, it just passifys the patient while the body heals itself. Be your own doctor and use natural healing methods.

7) Communicate well with others and nourish relationships.

We are designed to be IN relationship with others and communication is the lifeblood to those relationships.

8) Be conscious of, and meet, your spiritual needs! Knowing there is something way bigger than all of us that is in control of our lives, others lives, and this planet, makes all the difference in our world view, our happiness level and who we are as people. Read God's word daily!

9) Practice kindness and giving to others. It has been noted that when someone practices an act of kindness to another, his or her immune system is built stronger, the one who received the kindess experiences the same benefit as do any who witness such an act. There is greater happiness in giving to others than in receiving!

10) Cultivate healthy thoughts of gratitude each and every day.

Our brains cannot focus on all that is missing and negative in their life if they are in a practice of continual gratitude for all they have in their life, whether they view it as good or bad. Being grateful is powerful stuff!

If you just cannot seem to get where you want to be in your health, I can show you the way!

Love from my heathy heart to yours! Muah, Bette Bliss

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


When things do not feed your spirt.....

Ever done this?........

I know I sure have! Not feeling I had the strength this guy has either....haha.

For what reason would someone do this, if they did not have to or need to? Well,it certainly would end of in making the person stronger. Also might wear one out too and might not come anywhere near close to cleansing nor feeding the spirit.

Of course we feel best when we are feeding our spirit, which also in in the flow. The flow vs the force. Kind of like those salmon swimming upstream, although they do it for a purpose, right before their imminent death, but we don't need to mention that part of this illustration now do we?

Feeding our spirit involves being in flow and flux and being willing to go as life goes, not forcing something else. Force tends to crush our spirit.

So, being willing to "roll with it" and go where life goes. Being willing to give up things that no longer serve our lives, letting go of them, wishing them well, not hanging to what was not working, all that is gone for some reason.

All of our lives are made up of little trails. Sometimes the trails change, umm.... they always change, and some are a bit more strenous and some easier, all part of life. We are on some trails for a long while and some for shorter, yet they all get us where we want to go. If we get on a trail that does not work, recognizing it and taking another trail that is wide open may be the better choice.

Some peope are on our trail with us for a bit and then they go. Others walk with us for a bit and they might stay. It is all part of the journey of life. Letting go of "what was" opens us to "whats next"? You know "the one door closes, another window open" thing.

Feeding and cleansing our spirit always means redefining ourselves, transition, transformation and growth, otherwise one is in stagnation and frustration and our spirit is clogged and stopped. THAT FEELS AWFUL now doesn't it?? YES!

So, you choose, flow vs force, hanging on or letting go, pushing or letting it be, it is all up to you. You choose but whatever you choose it will show up in your spirit! Is it cleansing, refreshing, joyful? Or is it a drudgery, drag? You choose.

Love from my trail loving heART to yours! Muah! Bette Bliss

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Our bodies are in trouble! If you don't think so, go sit in a mall or at a state fair and look around. Are our bodies in deep doo-doo or what?

Cancer is more rampant than ever, obesity is too! Medicine is big business and people are sicker than ever before.

In today's world, we are inundated from every side, assaulted with toxins, chemicals, pesticides, fumes, and this is before we even eat. Yes, our food is, in the case of a lot of American plates, not even food but a chemicalized glob of goop.  

My point here is simply to cry out "HELP" as most people need help to lighten the body burden, to clean out the pipes and drains and refresh the organs.

Here is a list for starters:

Put nothing on your body that you would not eat.
Drink clean, no chlorine or flouridated water.
Use only products in your home that are eco friendly, natural, green and that you could eat (vinegar, baking soda, etc).
Yes, eat organic and fresh food.
Breathe clean air with open windows, day and night.

What if you have this body burden and you want to be free of it.
I will be happy to support you in lifting this body burden by outlining a cleansing program designed especially for you and your unique needs.

Together we will take step by step action to help you reach your goals for optimum health and wellness.

As the author of Superfood Hd and JuiceIt Hd as well as a highly trained health coach, I bring you a wealth of resources and tool for transforming your body and your life.
Are you sick of it?

I am here for you. Contact me today for a free consultation to see what it will be like to have one on one support, just for you!
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Friday, June 1, 2012


Do you feel out of sync? Like all the wheels and gears are not lining up, running smoothly together, creating forward ecstatic motion? Is your life, your daily activities, all you do, say and ARE BEING lining up in harmony with your values, your desires and all you want out of life?

Meaningful life and feeding one's spirit is an intention, it does not often just happen by itself, without an intention.

Sometimes, many times, getting unstuck is done simply by putting the car in GEAR!

For me, the wheels are set in motion when I shift into first gear. No, no, I did not say when I hit fourth gear and go zero to 60 in 3.2 seconds! ...or get there yesterday (even though that is what we want many times).

Ok, on that point, to get there yesterday, we need to create our today in harmony with what we want, 1/4 mile at a time or more, or less. Then we look back and we got there yesterday...hahaha

Take that step, whatever it is, whatever you have been wanting to do but afraid or did not feel you had the money, time or energy. Take it, leap, do it, just simply do it. Take the step in that direction and see a world open to you.

No, you will not know the WHOLE way, the whole journey and all it will bring, nor the outcome, and it might be scary! Noo worry, as there will be others there to hold your hand, reassurances it will be ok and will all work out. Truth is, you already have ALL YOU NEED to do it, it is all inside you already!

A life, out of integrity to who you are is an unhealthy life. Remember, it is not just about the food (chomp chomp) but about all that feeds us in our life.

Being in alignment with your passion and staying in that integrity is a huge deal...huge.If you are anything like me, I know it immediately but the question for us all is : WHATCHA GONNA DO ABOUT IT????

Love from my leaping heART to yours! Muah! Bette Bliss


Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Energy and how we choose to use it on any given day is a "make it or break it" for our spirit. Actually the two are very connected and are the very same thing on many levels.

We are either being contractive or expansive in our thoughts, actions, words, activities. So with the same amount of energy we have to be in wishing for how we think life is supposed to be, we can choose to see life as it is, although, yes, setting goals and reaching for more of what we want, but in free flow.

Let me illustrate: you want a different car. In fact, you complain every day about the old one, are embarrassed in it and tell everyone how awful the car is. Using that same energy to be in what IS and being totally grateful you dont have to walk everywhere you want to go, making the best of that car possible is a better way to feed your spirit.

While making steps to have that other car, you are content with what you have and are in expansive energy. You might even tell others how excited you are to be looking for another car and you never know, a really awesome one might show up from that! Serendipity.

You see, we can create a day that feeds our spirit, a day filled with so many colors on our pallette, even within circumstances we might not love. It is in how we perceive it all to be.

See the total good in all we are and have and do and be. We can choose to see it differently but we are all going to make up something in life so why not make it great!

Here is a visual example of perception:Do you see a lovely young lady or do you see an old lady? We always get to choose what we see and how we perceive life to be.

If we are so attached to how life is supposed to be, we will be miserable for one, and we will not enjoy the present moment and we will miss our life.

Be in your school, right here, right now, your life journey and what you are here to learn. Honor the "lessons and the blessins".

You will find, when you "reframe" as in, put all the old stuff in new frames, you will find how out how great your life really is and most of all............YOUR SPIRIT WILL SOAR!!!!!

Love from my soaring spirited heART to yours! Muah! Bette Bliss

Thursday, April 26, 2012


Awwww today I went out on my favorite back road, a world away from bizzyness of life, where a breath of air is as refreshing as life itself!

I was eager to pick up some food, while I was there for my run, to come back and make my medicine via juice! I pick dandelions and nettles as well as wild mint!

Well it appears that Mr Frosty came last night and sought to steal them away! I had a bit of low and wrinkled brow face (NOT) on for a second. Then I saw that he did not get most of them! Wooohooooo Celebrate good times cmon!

So I picked bunches and bunches for my juicy juice lunches. As I settled down in to pick them, with gloved hand yes!, my bottom side hit some nettles behind me. Even through my leggings I felt them. Here I was feeling a tad bum (hahahaha) about this (not really just making it fun) and that I might be itching up a storm.

Well, let that be a lesson to me. Moral of the story, don't fuss bout stuff that has not happened! All good.

I have lovely juice coming soon as well as the kombucha I stopped to pick up (am so happy it is back and boy is it fizzier than ever!)

So we staved Mr. Frosty for another day! Ahhhhh the bliss of wild green juice! Blissfulll day to you too!

Saturday, March 24, 2012


I have been hearing of sooo much illness these days. Also feeling really grateful that my life does not consist of running off to the doctor/ER/lab etc for any number of invasive and/or painful stuffs!!!!

How grateful we can be, those of us who have been turned onto raw food, food of this earth, from which we came, and seen the profound results it has brought to our bodies!!

I am feeling so grateful for raw today. How about you?

Love from my grateful heART to yours, Muah, Bette Bliss