Wednesday, September 12, 2012


When things do not feed your spirt.....

Ever done this?........

I know I sure have! Not feeling I had the strength this guy has either....haha.

For what reason would someone do this, if they did not have to or need to? Well,it certainly would end of in making the person stronger. Also might wear one out too and might not come anywhere near close to cleansing nor feeding the spirit.

Of course we feel best when we are feeding our spirit, which also in in the flow. The flow vs the force. Kind of like those salmon swimming upstream, although they do it for a purpose, right before their imminent death, but we don't need to mention that part of this illustration now do we?

Feeding our spirit involves being in flow and flux and being willing to go as life goes, not forcing something else. Force tends to crush our spirit.

So, being willing to "roll with it" and go where life goes. Being willing to give up things that no longer serve our lives, letting go of them, wishing them well, not hanging to what was not working, all that is gone for some reason.

All of our lives are made up of little trails. Sometimes the trails change, umm.... they always change, and some are a bit more strenous and some easier, all part of life. We are on some trails for a long while and some for shorter, yet they all get us where we want to go. If we get on a trail that does not work, recognizing it and taking another trail that is wide open may be the better choice.

Some peope are on our trail with us for a bit and then they go. Others walk with us for a bit and they might stay. It is all part of the journey of life. Letting go of "what was" opens us to "whats next"? You know "the one door closes, another window open" thing.

Feeding and cleansing our spirit always means redefining ourselves, transition, transformation and growth, otherwise one is in stagnation and frustration and our spirit is clogged and stopped. THAT FEELS AWFUL now doesn't it?? YES!

So, you choose, flow vs force, hanging on or letting go, pushing or letting it be, it is all up to you. You choose but whatever you choose it will show up in your spirit! Is it cleansing, refreshing, joyful? Or is it a drudgery, drag? You choose.

Love from my trail loving heART to yours! Muah! Bette Bliss

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Our bodies are in trouble! If you don't think so, go sit in a mall or at a state fair and look around. Are our bodies in deep doo-doo or what?

Cancer is more rampant than ever, obesity is too! Medicine is big business and people are sicker than ever before.

In today's world, we are inundated from every side, assaulted with toxins, chemicals, pesticides, fumes, and this is before we even eat. Yes, our food is, in the case of a lot of American plates, not even food but a chemicalized glob of goop.  

My point here is simply to cry out "HELP" as most people need help to lighten the body burden, to clean out the pipes and drains and refresh the organs.

Here is a list for starters:

Put nothing on your body that you would not eat.
Drink clean, no chlorine or flouridated water.
Use only products in your home that are eco friendly, natural, green and that you could eat (vinegar, baking soda, etc).
Yes, eat organic and fresh food.
Breathe clean air with open windows, day and night.

What if you have this body burden and you want to be free of it.
I will be happy to support you in lifting this body burden by outlining a cleansing program designed especially for you and your unique needs.

Together we will take step by step action to help you reach your goals for optimum health and wellness.

As the author of Superfood Hd and JuiceIt Hd as well as a highly trained health coach, I bring you a wealth of resources and tool for transforming your body and your life.
Are you sick of it?

I am here for you. Contact me today for a free consultation to see what it will be like to have one on one support, just for you!
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