Friday, March 3, 2017


Often in life, we tend to see things as one thing or one way. We have been raised a certain way, taught things that were our parents(or others) way of thinking, given the ways that "life is". "Thats just the way it is" they say!

What do you see here...a young lady or old? Things are rarely what they might appear at first glance! (someone will see the old lady and give you a clue!)

Is is really exactly the way "they" say it is?

I am talking about LOVE here, more specifically..(yes we are on that subject again). HOW is love, really?

Is LOVE just one thing or is it everything? Is it smooching and hugging or is it in those who might speak unkindly to us? Is it in certain places or is it everywhere? Is it in only the good stuff or in the rough stuff too? Is it only in color or is it truly black and white..either it is LOVE or it is not!?

For many, this has been a prison of limited thinking and has kept them small, in a tight box, cramped and not open to miracles that are everywhere.

What if LOVE is:

in the person who walked away?

in the job we lost?

in the stress we experience?

in the flu one has?

in the thunderstorm?

in the house we had to move out of?

in the (in your face) realization of something we need to work hard to change about ourselves?

Ummmm.....what if? No what ifs....LOVE is in all those things.

Why? How? ...you might ask!!!!????

The person who walked away no longer was good for you, nor you for them. They set you free. Was it loving? Probably not! Was it love? yep!

The job you lost was not for you anymore, it didnt serve you well and it was time for a new adventure. Love? Yep. Even if you loved it, love is on its way again.

The stress we experience? Love? Yes! It is our body's loving way of asking us to slow down, live life in a new way, seeing things differently. There will always be things to test our mettle. The experience of stress is a loving message from our body, an alarm that is going off! Love..yesireeee.

The flu..stop, drop and roll....lay down, rest, and look at your body and see what you can lovingly provide it to heal itself. Love, yes that is love.

On it goes...you get the point...(or not..teehee)

It is not the love in the thing, it is BRINGING love TO the thing!!

Does LOVE look like one thing or is it everywhere and in everything?

It is everywhere and in everything.....just putting it in a whole new picture frame changes the way you look at LOVE.

Of course, we soooo LOVE the parts that already are in the LOVE picture frames and look like LOVE! Ah-ha!!! those are the ones that give us the energy to do all that reframing work!

Love from my heART full of LOVE to your heART full of LOVE! M-u-a-h!!!

Bette Bliss


What you got in that bag?

 Did you know that just looking in your bag, your pantry, your closet, under your sink, that I can tell you how big your body burden is?

Yes. By the products you put on your skin, eat, use on your clothes, and your cleaning products alone, I can see a large part of your body burden (how toxic it is).

Remember that embalming fluid you have heard about-formaldehyde? This is a toxic gas found in carpets and furniture, clothing, soaps and shampoos, and even deodorant. It is allowed, although a known carcinogen, to be used on our skin but banned in some countries.

Phthalates hit the headlines last year for being "gender benders". They are a family of industrial plasticisers already banned in the EU from being used in plastic toys, but are still in hairsprays, top-selling perfumes and nail varnishes. They can be absorbed through the skin, inhaled as fumes and ingested from contaminated food or breastfeeding. Animal studies have shown they can damage the liver, kidneys, lungs and reproductive system -especially developing testes.

Parabens are listed as alkyl parahydroxy benzoates -butyll methyl/ethyl/ propyllisobutyl paraben on some toothpastes, moisturisers and deodorants. They are used as a preservative, but are oestrogen mimics. Research suggests that parabens in antiperspirant deodorants can cause breast cancer. Oestrogen-type chemicals have also been linked to testicular cancer and a reduction in sperm count.

Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) is one of the major ingredients in nearly every shampoo, bubble bath, liquid soap etc. Why, when it is a known skin irritant, stops hair growth, can cause cataracts in adults, damage children's eye development and cause urinary tract infection?

Toluene is a common solvent found in nail enamels, hair gels, hair spray, and perfumes. It is a neurotoxin and can damage the liver, disrupt the endocrine system and cause asthma.

Propylene Glycol is a cosmetic form of mineral oil (refined crude oil) used in industrial antifreeze. People handling it are warned by the manufacturer to avoid skin contact and wear respirators and rubber gloves etc, and yet this is a major ingredient in most moisturisers, skin creams, baby wipes and sun screens. Why? It's cheap and gives the "glide" factor in body lotions - but is in fact robbing lower layers of skin of moisture. Lanolin and collagen also clog pores and cause skin to age faster than if nothing was used.

Talc is recognised as carcinogenic and has been linked to an increased risk of ovarian cancer and general urinary tract disorders. So don't dust it on your baby's, or anyone else's, bottom!

Parfum/perfume A typical cosmetic can contain up to 100 chemicals in the perfume alone! 95 per cent of these chemicals are synthetic compounds derived from petroleum -26 of which are on an EU hit list. Fragrances have been linked to allergies and breathing difficulties and they penetrate the skin.

Xylene is listed as xytol or dimethylbenzene on nail varnish bottles. It can damage your liver, is narcotic in high concentrations and causes skin and respiratory tract irritation.

Diethanolamine Also Tri and Mono (DEA, TEA and MEA) are absorbed through skin where they accumulate in products also containing nitrates, they react and form nitrosamines which are carcigonemic.

Aluminium is found in most deodorants and has been linked to Alzheimer's. If you want to stay alert, and still smell fresh and clean switch to a safer one.

Triclosan sometimes listed as 5-chloro-2 (2,4-dichlorophenoxy) phenol, is in deodorants, toothpastes, vaginal washes and mouthwashes. Toxic dioxins are produced during its manufacture or incineration. It is stored in breast milk and in fish, and can break down in water to create a member of the dioxin family.

Learn more about health here:

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Back in the House


Wow it has been a long time since I posted here. Life seems to take us all the way around the world and back again! No, I didn't go around the world but almost. Not physically so much as mentally and emotionally, growing and changing. Aren't we all forced to every single day? WOWeeee

In the world of health and food, this changes daily too and it is no wonder people wonder what to eat! One day it is good and the next day not.

Let's just eat BERRIES!! Haha! Right? Keeping it simple really does make life easier. Choosing simple but healthy and very tasty options keeps us on the right track while loving our food. Our body loves it too.

We all know by now that simple green smoothies are the way to a healthy body! Imagine making sure you have greens, fruits and maybe some special additions you like, in your fridge all the time.
If you were to have smoothies every day, varying the greens, your health would improve so much!

That is your ditty for today. You can go all the way around the world and back again, but sticking with basic idea keeps you sane, especially when it comes to food!! Nom nom and mangia!

Love, Coach Bette