Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Now this post is about leaving people, as in, leaving them after being with them for a few hours or a day, or even a few moments. How do you leave the person?

Besides saying goodbye and perhaps hugging and/or kissing them, how do they feel for having spent time with you?

Do you leave them feeling better than when you found them? Better than when you got together with them, uplifted and encouraged, or downtrodden and drained? Do you bring refreshment and joy to those you are with or do you bring total negativity and a spirit of complaint?

Is your conversation with them merely about you or do you take an active interest in them and what their interests are? Do you bore them with things they have no interest in or do you find common topics to talk about?

Most of all,are your words filled with chaste, lovable, virtuous, praiseworthy, true, topics or the opposite of these?

What spiritual gift do you bring to the presence of another? Is it a gift or a cursing of sorts?

You alone have the power, within your little member (the tongue) to lift a 300 pound person higher than when you found them!

You can bring a person up, who is down, inspire one who is discouraged, raise a depressed soul, bring a smile to someone so sad.

Remember you never know what another person my be experiencing in their life. What if you treated every person as if they were carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders, and you helped them carry it or you lifted it a bit? WOW!

Just as you have the power to lift and heal, your tongue can cut and hurt another and drain them. How do you want to use that power? I choose LOVE and lifting and leaving a person far better than when I found them!

Love from my sharing heART to yours! Muah! Bette Bliss


Monday, July 11, 2011


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Love from my superfood, juice loving heart to yous! Muah,Bette

Love from my superfood, juice loving heart to yours! Muah,Bette


"You'd be happy too if you could eat what bugs ya!" says the frog as he smiles with a fly on his outstretched tongue. (talking with his mouth full....hahaha).

Is this statement true? If something is bugging us emotionally and we eat to fill it, as in, to seek "comfort", does it work? Are we happy? Is it a comfort or does it simply dull down the emotions, numb us out to them?

 Only to feel it, yet again, when the next wave hits but now we have the added body burden of the food we ate, how stinkin lousy we feel,the damage we have done to our bodies and for many, the guilt that often joins hands with that.
(umm let us disappear that real fast...)

Why do we eat when we are under emotional duress?

Well, maybe for that exact reason and more.
To numb, to not feel, to FEED a need. To feed a need; that is kind of like putting on ten layers of clothes on a hot summer day when we needed to put on our bathing suit and go swimming in a cool ocean. (ok ok I tried with this analogy, but you get it?)
We need one thing that is so good for us and healthy, and we do quite the opposite, that beats us up! (hmm back to the drawing board for our self love work).

Some might eat when under duress because it is something they can CONTROL. Life gets so out of their control sometimes that they know the ONE thing they have the power over...food. But, do we really have power over food if we are a slave to it and it is our master, it leads us????

We all see people who are literally eating themselves to death, a slow suicide. We feel for the kids starving to death and our heart aches but we also have this opposite side of the coin as well. People eating large amounts of food, that isnt truly feeding the body nutrients, that usually leads to disease and death. This is the hard reality.

Well what do we do when emos hit? Ask ourselves: what is the need here? What do I need in this moment? Does my body need a beating or a hug? What will best help me to deal with this emotional upset? How can I feed my body so as to best support what is happening?

A raw eating plan, the next raw food is the very anecdote to being able to be better able to handle these emotional times better and better. The other food choices only lead to worse and worse emotional upsets and the cycle goes on and on.
Juicing with greens is a great way to reset the body and reduce cravings!
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WHEN are we going to STOP this chaotic cycle and love ourselves to health, love ourselves to wholeness, love ourselves ENOUGH as created by our God to LOVE life in joy, peace and happiness??

When are we going to stop beating ourselves and love ourselves, our bodies and our life? Eye opening questions for sure!!!

I assure you, it isnt the food. It is the mastering of loving oneself enough and this gives you the desire for the BEST. The best faith, the best life, the best food, the best friends, the best one can have in this life.

YOU (yes I am talking to YOU) are enough, you DO enough, YOU have enough, YOU ARE LOVED, YOU ARE, you simply ARE and you deserve all He has given YOU and all that is on its way to YOU!!

Write a list of all it would benefit you to be raw, stay raw, be healthy, lose weight and GET YOUR LIFE BACK. I imagine that list will be powerful.

OK here is your POWERFUL REASON WHY to do this! Here is why we you WANT to stop this cycle now.

In fact, this will be the title at the top of your page.

MY POWERFUL REASON WHY I want to take care of ME by eating life sustaining foods that truly feed my body dense nutrition. Why raw for ME? What is my powerful reason why?

I am happy to support you in reaching your health goals, using this powerful tool as well as many others! Contact me at www.bettejshaw.com for a free consultation that will prove invaluable to your health!

Love, from my raw food loving heart to yours! Muah! Bette B.