Thursday, April 26, 2012


Awwww today I went out on my favorite back road, a world away from bizzyness of life, where a breath of air is as refreshing as life itself!

I was eager to pick up some food, while I was there for my run, to come back and make my medicine via juice! I pick dandelions and nettles as well as wild mint!

Well it appears that Mr Frosty came last night and sought to steal them away! I had a bit of low and wrinkled brow face (NOT) on for a second. Then I saw that he did not get most of them! Wooohooooo Celebrate good times cmon!

So I picked bunches and bunches for my juicy juice lunches. As I settled down in to pick them, with gloved hand yes!, my bottom side hit some nettles behind me. Even through my leggings I felt them. Here I was feeling a tad bum (hahahaha) about this (not really just making it fun) and that I might be itching up a storm.

Well, let that be a lesson to me. Moral of the story, don't fuss bout stuff that has not happened! All good.

I have lovely juice coming soon as well as the kombucha I stopped to pick up (am so happy it is back and boy is it fizzier than ever!)

So we staved Mr. Frosty for another day! Ahhhhh the bliss of wild green juice! Blissfulll day to you too!