Tuesday, January 29, 2013


You truly are what you EAT, DRINK, THINK, SAY, and DO!

1) LOVE YOURSELF enough to want better health thus a better life! This is a must for optimum health. Many people have "I'm not good enough" going on. Disappear that and love yourself healthily, knowing you deserve to look and feel your best! Trouble is, most do not even have any idea what their best is, as they have not seen it yet!

2) Eat only whole, plant based foods in their natural state. A raw eating plan floods the body with more nutrition than it can handle and thus creates energy, vitality, glowing skin and amazing health.

3) Drink pure, clean water that flushes and regenerates your cells. Our bodies are made up of a whole lot of water. When you continually replenish water lost and flood the cells with clean water, your body can operate much more efficiently!

4) Exercise every single day! Our bodies are made to move! Every organ and system in our body functions well, due to movement. It is a must for optimum health!

Move it or lose it!

5) Clean up your environment by choosing only products that are eco friendly for cleaning your home or applying to your skin. Think GREEN to lighten the body burden. Any food or product that you breathe in, put on your skin, smell, or taste is part of you. Choose organic whole food, eco friendly products and natural personal care.

Make your own home health as well as cleaning products with essential oils!    https://www.mydoterra.com/bettejshaw/#/

6) Use only natural healing methods for any dis-ease you might be wanting to address. For me, this means FOOD! "Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food". Hippocrates

Anything you do for your health that is not natural to the body, is harmful and will usually NOT promote healing, it just passifys the patient while the body heals itself. Be your own doctor and use natural healing methods.

7) Communicate well with others and nourish relationships.

We are designed to be IN relationship with others and communication is the lifeblood to those relationships.

8) Be conscious of, and meet, your spiritual needs! Knowing there is something way bigger than all of us that is in control of our lives, others lives, and this planet, makes all the difference in our world view, our happiness level and who we are as people. Read God's word daily!

9) Practice kindness and giving to others. It has been noted that when someone practices an act of kindness to another, his or her immune system is built stronger, the one who received the kindess experiences the same benefit as do any who witness such an act. There is greater happiness in giving to others than in receiving!

10) Cultivate healthy thoughts of gratitude each and every day.

Our brains cannot focus on all that is missing and negative in their life if they are in a practice of continual gratitude for all they have in their life, whether they view it as good or bad. Being grateful is powerful stuff!

If you just cannot seem to get where you want to be in your health, I can show you the way!

Love from my heathy heart to yours! Muah, Bette Bliss