Monday, October 25, 2010


Lace them up!
Hi! I had an epiphany this morning, as I was on my run. It just so happens that I was thinking about expending energy.

Something led up to these thoughts around energy and eating live food! It was that Saturday night I went to a dance at my friends horse farm. It was a blast! I have to say, that only three straight hours of dancing was not enough for me! I wanted to dance until 1 a.m.!!!

Part of it is I love dancing, the other part is it was just super fun and felt so good to expend that energy, like all kinds of electricity being discharged, static energy, out there (came out as love) to all there at the party. I gotta say, I twirled sooo many people!!! It was a hoot! (sigh, words never seem to capture the feeling!)

Seeing, that night at the dance, my untapped energy potential. It is all there, just asking to be used more and more! This morning, realizing the following:

LIVE food creates LIVE energy. What if you started a fire and gave it just enough air to keep burning, while throwing fuel in there continually.... but kept it contained? It has to go somewhere! Combustible...kabooom!

Anyway, my point is this...LIVE energy MUST be expended with movement, creativity, productivity, mental workouts, spiritual output, emotional blessings to others, and whatever other ways you can think of.

If it is not expended somehow, to me, this is where the challenge of emotions, anxiety, depression, stagnation and a whole host of things enter in. LIVING the ALIVE LIFE needs MOVEMENT! Movement is required for cleaning out all the toxins that are being released as well!!!

We started a fire here folks and now we need to express it OUT THERE! Let it out! Get it out!!!

Love, from my energy loving heart to yours! Muah! Bette B


Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Do any of you tire of hearing raw people, blown all over the place by every word and wind from "others"? Feeling like they are not "doing it right" or have, once again "fallen off the wagon" or failed in raw life.
Listening always to those who have been raw a long time, or those guru type thinkers, world travellers and island hoppers (bless their hearts), taking what they say as carved in stone,what you must do? I personally am grateful for the forerunners and all they offer in experience, testimonials and knowledge!

I do tire sometimes because it is just not true direction if one looks ONLY to it for direction. Why do we need direction anyway? Ideas, recipes, support, LOVE, inspiration, kitchen equipment thoughts are all good and helpful. But as far as direction in connection with your own eating plan, THAT is exactly what it is, YOUR OWN.We are all heading in the direction of health if we are on a raw journey, the path you take to get their is YOURS!

Honoring each person, as an individual, with their unique body and lifestyle. Bio-individuality. I be me and you be you.

What do you REALLY need to see which way to go with health? An ear. Yes an ear. YOUR OWN ear.Why? Because all you need, for your health journey is to listen to your own body! The other things mentioned above are all supplementary to intuition, which is defined as an inner knowing, a guide in your body telling you what you need.

The body, your body, is always and forever on a quest to heal you and keep you well! Isn't that great? If you tune in to that station and listen, you will learn and help your body to do it's job. Every pain, every body sensation, every craving (of a healthy kind) is telling you what to do next. Shhhhh ...Sit still and listen.

How can you tune in for better hearing? Clean the gunk out. As Pooh once said "some folks might have a bit o fluff in their ears". Be willing to listen and learn. Take out the junk of life. Be silent. Let go of all you think you want to eat, what you used to like, what party is coming up and what cake will be there! Simply STOP all that programming from running and listen!

Once the body is cleaner, the body messages become louder and crystal clear. You go to the co-op and pick up the exact fruit your body wants. You look in the fridge and the exact idea comes to you what to have.

Line up with your body instead of "fighting" this or that. You hear people say "I am fighting this cold" or "I am gonna fight this thing and beat it". Often this is in reference to cancer. They truly ARE fighting it. How? By waging all out chemical warfare with powerful, toxic potions. Everyone gets to choose and choosing to work with the body vs against it is a powerful tool indeed.

What would listening look like? Giving the body life giving foods instead of a mass of chemical concoctions, in the form of junk food or medicines. Note: some people absolutely need to resort to medicine at that point in the game.

Listen to your body daily. Say YES to every food that builds health and simply turn away from foods that bring disease. It is that easy!

YOU are your own health care provider,YOU are your own "GURU", YOU are the creator of your health! That is awesome my friends!

Love from my own inner knowing heart to yours! Muah! Bette B

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Do you realize what a wonder we have in Chia? Oh aren't they those little seeds that make those cute little green pets? Or that gift that keep on giving but you would rather not? Who knew these little seeds pack such power??

I highly recommend to forget purchasing those little pets at giftime (nobody really wants them anyway right?) and give them the gift of the Chia seeds themselves!

These babies are packed with nutrients and are a powerful addition to a vibrant life. Here is a short list of some of the blessings of Chia:

Endurance and stamina=ENERGY!

Economical (thats reason enough right now eh?)

Great source of protein

Great for weight loss (Oh boy I am in)

Assists in colon health/elimination (who dont want this I ask you?)

May asssist in prevention of heart disease

Helps prevent colon cancer (who wants that? Not me)

Balances blood sugar

Assists those with diabetes (yup grandma will even love them!)

Packs more punch than flax seed (no way, you dont say)

*anti-aging (Ok I can handle this one!I will cancel my dumb botox appointment..haha)

Chia is a rich source of protein, is a quick an easy way to get protein and also is versatile in any recipe! One awesome seed I say!

So today, go to the health food store and say ch-ch chia! Start of a brand new Chia way! Oh but you are free to still have your pet, make it a cat or a dog and leave those little terra cotta ones on wally marts shelf!

Or you could always get alot of them and cover your car huh?

Love from my chia loving heART to yours! Muah! Bette Bliss

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Superfood App approved!

A Superfood App has been approved on Monday October 5th in the Apple store! This app will prove to be invaluable for assisting people is support of optimum health and wellness. Go check it out and see what a beautifully orchestrated piece of work this is!

http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/superfood-hd/id395150718?mt=8 Please be sure to write us a review!

Click the "like" button and we will keep you infomred of updates and new apps sure to come!

Yesterday the Ipad version hit the #2 spot in health and fitness category!