Friday, March 9, 2012


Isn't this life just one CLASS ACT? The ACT of BEING ALIVE!

What is ALIVE? What does being alive mean? Are you truly alive? How do you know? What if you just happen to be a walking dead person? Well, lets not go quite that far. What is you are living at LESS THAN your full potential?

How would you know? Hmmmmm? Well do you feel your absolute best or less than the best? Do you have energy to burn or lack energy? Do you have a worldview, perspective, that can take you through anything or do you cave in at the slightest disappointment?

So you DO jump out of bed in the morning to go running, seizing the day before it gets away? You just cannot wait to go to work and make a difference in the world with what you do? You cannot wait t
o make all of your yummy food for the day and love every bite, it bringing you nothing but bliss and joy?

Oh, and your relationships...ummm, you knew I was going there next didn't you?

Are all of your relationships healthy and happy and bring you and the other person great fullfillment in life? Do you have peace throughout your relationships?

Pipe dream? No. IF you are truly BEING ALIVE you will answer "yes" or "pretty much" to all of the above questions. Sure life brings challenges yet it is how we view them that determines our happiness.

What is stopping you from living your best life? What areas are you out of integrity to who you are? That is the place to start and begin making changes toward that integrity. You DO know where you are out of integrity and what there is to do! As Nike says "just do it"! As Yoda said "There is no try, do or don't do". Just do!

Love from my aLIVE heART to yours! Muah! Bette Bliss

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