Thursday, March 8, 2012



Yes, you heard correctly....why do people CHOOSE sickness? Truth is,YOU are choosing, health or sickness, by  every food you put into your mouth. Simple as that! Yes it is that simple.

Sickness and disease are caused and created by two things, toxicity and nutritional defiency. So one must clean the body to rid the toxins and feed the body nutrient dense foods.

How can this be done? Simple, as I said above. Make good choices, one by one. Feed your body with the closest material your body is made of. Your body was made from the dirt, dust of the earth and the closer you feed it to the ground, the greater your health!

Your body is living, thus the closer the material is to raw materials, in their unprocessed state, as found in a garden, the greater your health! Living material, plant foods, feed our living bodies.

Anything that is taken from the garden and processed with heat is no longer living, it is devoid of vital nutrients and enzymes needed to feed the body. So instead of feeding the body, it robs the body. Also the body goes into a continual crisis mode to seek to try to process this stuff!

So, by every choice you make with food, you are choosing sickness or health! It is true and it is that truly that simple.

What will you choose?
Note: I want to tell you also, it is not all about the food. The food you eat is second to the food you feed your life. Spirituality, career, exericise, your thoughts and your emotions, all create health or illness. These are the very things I support my clients in to bring about whole body wellness.!

Love from my wellness loving heART to yours! Muah! Bette Bliss

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