Saturday, March 3, 2012


So you have a craving. You are wanting an ice cream sundae. Hmmmm Are you really wanting an ice cream sundae?

Lets pick this apart. What is going on emotionally right now, in this moment, craving this ice cream sundae? What has happened today? Are you stressed? Are you tired? Did your bird die? Did your aunt go to the hospital? Did someone tell you your hair was ugly and your mother dresses you funny?

So this is the place to look first. Well, say there is nothing emo going on.
You still want an ice cream sundae? Is there a connection to nostalgia for you? Check that out too. Is it what you used to have in connection with an event or ritual like going for ice cream after a ball game. If so, simpy replace it with something else that is now the ritual. Go to the health food store and pick out your favorite raw chopped salad or pick up your favorite kombucha!

No? Ok. So you are craving an ice cream sundae. Hmmm Do you need fat? Do you need something sweet? Perhaps some protein? Maybe you are just thirsty or tired and are seeking a picker upper.

Is this craving really a craving? Craving bad food? Craving, as in, your body asking you for something, asking to be fed nutritonally?

Answer it like you might your little child. Give them the sundae? Probably not. You would find a good substitute for the ice cream. An apple, some orange slices, some raw banana ice cream, some nut butter. There are so many yummy choices.

If you wait, are willing to wait, you will find you will not eat the ice cream. If you are willing to look and see what it is your body is actually saying, you will feed it what it wants.You will have success in your raw eating plan.

Is it a craving or emotional eating? Cravings are a real call, from our body for something it needs for life. Emotional eating is a false cry from the wounded child who wants something to numb, comfort or dull the feeling.

Go with your cravings, in a constructive way, seeking what it is the body actually wants. Deal with your emotions in a constructive way.

You are on your waaaaay! Yay!
Love from my emo heART to yours! Muah! Bette Bliss

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