Sunday, March 4, 2012


No this is not about the upcoming shopping season! This is about RAW FOOD! Delicious LIVING and RAW foods!

I love to live in a world of peace and happiness and POSITIVITY. I still wear my "complaint free world" bracelet although I did not even want the word complaint in it so it is now my Gratitude Attitude Bracelet!

Anyway I was thinking about the negative aspects of life and how many people operate solely from all that is missing, all that isnt there, all that isnt coming to them, how they have lack and dullness and feel in desperation.

A couple days ago, I woke up feeling not my best. I have been around alot of buggies that people have been taken ill with. Although I was not my best, I pulled toward wellness and that is what I got. However, waking up feeling like that (albeit very minimal) I got to thinking. I thought, to a greater degree, this is how the world of sad eaters must wake up every day. Surely their mood matches their feeling...you know, the vibration.

Living food eaters operate at a high vibration, is it no wonder we are dancing on a higher plane, an air of happiness.

Sad food may be dead food, as many call it, yet it also being devoid and lifeless, is in a negative state. It puts those who consume this stuff in a negative state as well whether they know it or not.

Is it any wonder, when people, even rawfoodbees, consume non living material they too go into a negative state? Here you have people operating at a high vibration, like a fine tuned machine, and then a brick is thrown into the works. What can we expect, but feeling lousy and then negative thoughts and words to follow?

Then what do we do? We go on forums and tell people all the neg stuff stemming from that neg food. We tell how we fell off the wagon, what neg food we ate, how sick it made us feel, etc etc. Negative begets negative, there is no other way. Anything other than LIFE GIVING food is negative, you see?

Why do people lack luster and feel deprived and are in desperation? Because they truly are! Their bodies are starving for positive, life giving food!

If you want positive put positive in your mouth. If you want postive thinking, only eat positive food. If you want positive feeling in your body, only eat postive foods. If you want a positive life, only eat positive food, think positive thoughts and LIVE your most extraordinary positive LIFE! Green or red? Go or stop?

Are you in the green or in the red? It is all up to you, in every choice you make!

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