Monday, March 5, 2012


An epiphany came this morning and just wanted to drop it to you or just say it "out loud"....teehee.

(Of course it is not freezing here in Ct, as it is sunny and super warm! Thee winta be yet anotha tale to tell...as I do faaar-eeeze then!)

So, our dear friend, and cohort in raw education, always says he and Minh do not freeze their food. He sees it the same as cooking. (granted they DO live where there is no winter...the desert!)

The epiphany was this; Speaking of winter, in winter, all the plants freeze and die. The life force goes into the roots and sleeps in the ground until morning comes and it is time to wake up. The LIFE is no longer in the greens, the above ground part of the plant.

Right off, one can see that, just as heating breaks the food from its fresh state, equally thought oppositely (haha), freezing breaks the food and renders it dead food...yes? no? seems in only makes sense eh?

Go one further step; so, if winter time calls for rootstock life and a rest from greenery, might we also live in harmony with our climate and rest from green life (that is, if we live in cold climate times) and also go into roots, nuts, seeds and things we have dehydrated at low temp, for winter?

Putting food up in a manner in harmony with our natural world, would call for drying and burying (as in, root cellar).

Right now, stock your body on fresh, green goodnesses while they are there!!! That also is putting food up for another season...ahhhh.

Having said all that, is a frozen banana better than concentrated fruit syrup for a smoothie? Yeah baaabaaay! Is frozen juice or a dessert better than other things one might eat? For a certainty! We all do the best we can to do the best we can. By the results peeps are getting, it sure is working! Rawk on!

Simply some food for thought.

Love, from my green loving heART to yours, Muah! Bette Bliss

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