Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Seems like we have all heard it over and over that "Raw is not hard, it is easy!"
This is what I have found in my life. I eat alot of simple raw foods and that really works well for me. It really is not complicated!

I think, if you say it is hard, then it is. If you say it is easy, then it is.
This kind of follows my post about listening to your body. THAT is what MAKES raw easy.

The body naturally wants simple foods that do not bog us down. Most gourmet raw does exactly that. Even heavy smoothies, laden with bananas and all kinds of other ingredients, are also pretty taxing on the body.

When I got to the point where I wanted juice

from fresh fruits and vegetables (mostly vegs), my life got even simpler. I get up and make my jars of juice and off I go. I also might add in an apple to my "feed bag" and even a few nuts, if I might want something heavier.

Raw really is as easy or as hard as you want to make it....and the beauty is, you get to choose!

Pick and apple, eat it, pick some berries, eat them! Make an amazing raw cake that takes a bit more, and enjoy.

Even the more complex food prep is sheer joy, so actually, that isnt hard at all! It is really fun! Plus, it is food with LOVE, live food made with love.

Raw food, raw lifestyle, is far from hard, it is a joy and a pleasure to eat so close to the earth (I wondered where all that dirt on my lips came from!)

Love from my simple raw loving heART to yours, Love, Bette Bliss

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