Friday, March 2, 2012


What does? Well, most anything you eat can be measured with these words "Better Than".
In transition to raw and living foods, one can ask, "is this food "better than" what I used to eat?" "Is this food a choice that is "better than" something of lesser quality?

So say you used to drink soda. What is "better than" soda? Seltzer water. Kombucha.

Homeade lemonade made with fresh squuezed lemons and maple syrup or other sweetener. So many "better than" choices.

What about meat? You want meat? Well, there are all kinds of meat substitutes while transitioning to a meat free diet. Check out the alternatives in your frozen food section or your local health food store.

As far as protein, if you are eating an all inclusive diet of raw foods, you will be meeting your protein needs.

What about dairy? What is "better than" dairy? Make your own almond milk or brazil nut milk. There are alot of substitutes for dairy. Right off, you can even buy the containers of almond milk, although they are cooked.

You want soup? Well go to the health food store and buy organic, fresh made soup. Learn to make raw soups too! Better than Mr. Cantbells for sure!

So, as time goes on, applying this principle will aid you to a better and better eating plan you see? Always think, "what is better than" what I was just going to choose?"

Ask "am I doing better than I was a month ago or a week ago? Or better than I did this morning?" Whatever it is, ask that question and you will find it helps a whole lot to stay on a great path to wellness!

Love from my heART that is "better than" it used to be! Muah! Bette Bliss

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