Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I don't know about you, but doesn't it seem like there is a gap between us and them? As in, the raw foody ones and the people who eat the other stuff? With eyes of compassion, I see it all the time, more and more so as time goes on.

I guess to coin an ol phrase,"the have and the have nots". Although I never believed in that phrase, as I see riches as a deep inner value that money just cannot touch.
However, in applying that to health, this phrase most certainly applies!

How? Well, many good health and many  HAVE NOT got good health. I hear it all the time around me. I ask you, what kind of world have we come to where we have two funerals in one week week. Being asked to not hug quite a few people (I do squeeze a little tight) so as to not hurt them, because they are in such pain?

ALL of these, I can say hands down, have bodies created by the very food they eat! Death by food is a sad one for sure. needless death, needless illness. The sad part is, they don't know it!

The GAP is evident in so many other ways. The idea of kill this and kill that. Bugs and "pests" immedietly squashed out of existence because they are a nuisance? Sorry my bees here do look a little scary but they are only out for pollen I promise!)
    In most cases, they just showed up, not being any cause for concern, and got squished. People randomly kill things, not realizing these have a place on earth too and many are essential for our own eco-system,our own life!Imagine if dinosaurs still walked the earth and saw us as pests! YIKES!

The other is ALIVENESS! Does it seem to to you there is a GAP between the ALIVE and the dead (as in people who appear to be sleepwalking through their life)?
Repeatedly, thos ewho are energetic, happy, talkitive, excited, have been asked to tone down, to shhh, to squash what they feel, to stop dancing in times square (ok ok I have to admit, it was me,  wearing a clown suit and it was distracting drivers and I did just about got hit by a yellow taxi cab and also almost caused an accident!)...just kidding on the getting hit part...heehee

To LIVE fully expressed in life in a cemetary with mourners all around, is a challenge I say! To want to yell from the rooftops and exclaim how life is so very good and give people tickets to go ride the carousel of happiness! Telling them about good health and loving life and having no pain or sickness (yes even now we can feel great, while waiting until "afterlife" eternal promises)!!

Some, like Pooh once said "Have a lil bit of fluff in their ears". They don't want to change their diet!!!! Many see no relationship at all between poor health and what goes in their mouth! Little do they realize, how wonderfully easy and delicious it is to do so!

So I tell those who will hear. I lovingly and supportively, teach those who are ready for change, who want to do what it takes and learn how to totally transform their body and their life!! It is one incredible ride! Are you ready?
www.bettejshaw.com will take you there!

I see the Gap but I also see the bridge, do you? Ah! The bridge!

Love from my LIVING heart to yours! Muah! Bette B

Love from my LIVE heART to yours! Muah! BLove forette Bliss

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