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People ask this question..WHY EAT RAW FOOD......or want to know how and why anyone could or would do this.

Raw and living foods are uncooked, unheated, unfooled around with foods. Well, we rawfoodies DO process some stuff yet it is minimal...(blending, spiralizing, food processing) keeping food raw and fresh!

These foods are LIVING in the sense that they have all the enzymes and nutrients intact due to being eaten in their natural state. Any foods heated above 105 to 115 degrees has lost enzymes and nutrients, and in many cases, it no longer is food fit for the body. Some foods actually change into toxic materials (for instance, when potatoes go to france(fries) they turn into something called acrylamide. Sounds like plastic? Hmmmmm..you ever eat cold fries (yup plastic like and hard) and these things cannot be digested.

So why fuss with this? Why not just eat what people eat and forget about it?
Are you sick? Hurting? Have aches and pains? Headaches? Constipation? Bloating? Weight challenges? Poor skin? Major disease? Or just plain dont feel good?
ALL, yes I said ALL, of these above conditions and MORE can be cleared up with raw and living foods !!!

Why? Because when the body is receiving more nutrition than it needs, the repair guys can take these new tools (actual nutrient dense foods) and go to work repairing the body.
With cooked foods and processed stuff, the body is in continual work to digest and handle the overload of poor food choices.
Even if the choices are great, cooked food has lost important nutrients and vital enzymes. Raw foods provide a suitable environment for healing to occur on a day to day basis.
What results have people experienced? You would be blown away to see most raw faces and bodies. Raw changes and transforms a person like no other eating on the planet!

Energy is abundant
Skin is gorgeous
Weight falls off

Brain clarity is wild

Bliss after eating is common

Life is so very good

Ones mental outlook is enhanced
Spirituality goes wild

Emotions stabilize
Love rises to the top
This is the SHORT list.


Are you SICK of it? Are you one who is tired of this sickness/medicine/death oriented world we live in (look at drugstores rising on every corner while many business are closing).
Want to stop buying into "what the people do just because thats what there is to do".
Want to pave your own way? Be a stand for your own health and energy and vitality?
Ok I heard you say YES! I said YES and I am (two years raw) so incredibly happy I did.
Life on raw and  live food is extraordinary. One can only experience it for yourself.

Contact me and I will be happy to walk beside you on your journey to a new life.

Love from my  living food heart to yours! Muah! Bette Bliss

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