Monday, October 19, 2009


What is it that creates, in people, the "its hard" mentality when it comes to eating well?
Did you know that eating well is not only EASY it is pure JOY! Thats right!

When we get down to basics,eating clean food, of the earth, where we all came from, we find it easy to eat right. And amaZINGly, when you eat well, you want to eat even better. It is an incredible process.

I have been on this extraordinary journey for over two years and I am here to tell you this: You cannot even begin to imagine how, by eating whole and living foods in their unheated, uncooked state, your body will change and transform in ways you have never dreamed possible!

I have lost weight, got brain clarity, gained vibrancy and health, look younger, feel younger, am happier, am more in harmony with this earth, plants, nature and other people. I am so healthy now that I cannot even remember how bad I felt or all I have healed from.

This is me before I began my raw food journey!This is me after six months on raw and living foods.

Love, from my raw food loving heart to yours! Muah! Bette B

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